Year 5/6 football tournament

Well done to all of the footballers who took part this afternoon at Rugby Town.

Great to see you all play with the right spirit and attitude; two excellent teams.


A special well done to the blue and yellows, who won the overall event with a very convincing 3-0 win in the semi final followed by a  2-0 victory in the final against Dunchurch! Very well doneimageimageimageimage

Bonfire night poetry

We’ll done class. Some excellent examples of 16 word poetry to explain the excitement of bonfire night

By Selma


burning flames

what a night

banging roaring fighting fun

roaring with power

rising up



by ellis


taking off

no looking away

just way too beautiful

starting to fade

disappointment around



y Mia c


burning crackling

beautiful coloured flames

orange red blue yellow

slowly dying off

smouldering ash



Are you the Vitruvian Man?

IMG_4607[1]IMG_4610[1]IMG_4611[1]How do you measure up?

A6 Maths group spent 3 lessons investigating the Vitruvian Man,d rawn by Leonardo Da Vinci. We wroked out whether any of our group matched the same ratios as the ones Vitruvius gave us – Come down to year 6 and have a look at our books for more info.

Also – watch this space for an exciting display in the library of our work and findings!