World war 1

This week we have been learning about those people who fought in The Great War. We have learnt about life in the trenches and the conditions the soldiers had to put up with and what types of problems they faced.
We also looked at letters that were sent to family members and tried to write our own (see some photos).

We’ve really enjoyed the week and have learnt loads – please ask us about it and we will blow your mind!

WWI Week

Unlike the usual week (English, Maths etc.), there was a whole week of history planned by the teachers. Firstly, we learnt about the British empire. Each person on the table had a different continent. I was Europe. Our next task was to research about which European countries where part of the British Empire.. Supeprisingly, only three countries enrolled. They were Cyprus and Malta.


After that, we learnt about the two alliances. They were the Triple Entente (Britain, France and Russia) and the Triple Alliance/Central Powers (Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary).

Triple Entente and Central Powers

Also, we looked at Trench Warfare. We made bookles explaining five key points: Why did Trench Warfare start? What was a trench? Where were the trenches? Trench Life as a soldier and Why did Trench Warfare last so long?.


This is mine!


Finally, we wrote some acrostic poems relateing to War and remembrance.

See my poem in my next post!

By James Wong

WWI Poem

On Tuesday, we wrote some acrostic poems. This is mine:

Respect the soldiers

Even in the darkest moments

More support leads to victory

Even in the most forsaken periods

Memorial visits annually

Beats of pellets may hit the soldiers

Remember these troopers now

Anger & Stress

Never Forget

Commemorate the 100 years

Everyone together

By James Wong

my world war 1 poem

Never forget

Everyone rember the people that die in the war

Victory is in are hands

Everyone looks at a poppie and remember

Remember the sea of poppies


Flandes field tells the storie

Of the people that sacerfica there life for use

Remember the heros

Giving use freedom

Everyone in the war is life saving


By Sophie Ashwell


WW1 Poems

In the week(WW1)we wrote poems about soldiers lives.We had three options to choose from,such as:acrostic poem,war is like and shaped poems.Here are some examples(Natalie and Jess’s),they are both acrostic.

The soldier’s heart pounding

Hearing the mysterious sounds

Every day a soldier dies for our country


Great big woundes in soldier’s bodys

Raising high for hope we win

Even in the darkest moments

At times I feel the pain

Tearing me apart


Winning is getting closer

Around us now

Remember all those who fought in war and those who thought and died

By natalie


No time to waste

Every moment counts

Victory is close

Edging towards the goal

Remember our heroes


Fighting for freedom

Of those whose lives are dead and gone

Returning home to loved ones

Gaining strentgh each step you take

Everybody commemorate

Together we can remember

By Jess