Are you the Vitruvian Man?

IMG_4607[1]IMG_4610[1]IMG_4611[1]How do you measure up?

A6 Maths group spent 3 lessons investigating the Vitruvian Man,d rawn by Leonardo Da Vinci. We wroked out whether any of our group matched the same ratios as the ones Vitruvius gave us – Come down to year 6 and have a look at our books for more info.

Also – watch this space for an exciting display in the library of our work and findings!

David Beckham biography

For English we are writing a biography about David Beckham who is a famous footballer. Here are a few facts about him: He has 4 children, the boy’s names are Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruse, and the girl is called Harper. He married Victoria Beckham, who is also known as Posh spice from the spice girls. And finally he has played football for many teams, like: Man U, Real Madrid, England where he was captained in 2000 to 2006 and lots  more.